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Blechtrommel, Die (1979)
25. Apr 2002 at 17:17
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Directed by Volker Schlöndorff (German)
Based on the novel by Günter Grass.
Boy actor : David Bennent

This is another adaptation of a brilliant novel by Schlöndorff (see The Ogre), but this one is a lot more successful.

It is the story of Oskar, a boy who is not interested in becomming an adult and decides to stop growing. The boy also has an unusual vocal gift: he is able to break glass by screaming in a high pitch, a skill he learns to master with remarkable precision and to use to his advantage. Another quirky character trait is that Oskar refuses to separate himself from his tin drum, shich he carries with him throughout his life, regularly getting a new one whenever the skin happens to break.

Although in the novel, the boy physically stopped growing at age 3, Schlöndorff cast a 12-year-old in the lead role - a good idea, as a 3-year-old probably couldn't have played such a complex and fascinating role.

In terms of the story, we actually see this boy's life from birth to adulthood, but it is the same 12-year-old actor who plays the character throughout the film, which makes for some very interesting situations.

The film was very controversial when it came out because of some sexually explicit scene, and I believe it is still banned in some states in the U.S. If it is available where you live, however, it is well worth a look.

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