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Ladri di biciclette (1948)
12. May 2002 at 18:17
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Ladri di biciclette (1948)
English title: The Bicycle Thief
Directed by Vittorio de Sica
Boy actor: Enzo Staiola

Widely recognized as the best film to come out of the Italian neo-realist movement of the 1940s, this is most definitely a classic. It follows a father and son for a day, as they search for the father's stolen bicycle, on which he depended for his job and to provide for his family. Very moving, and featuring a classic performance by 9-year-old Enzo Staiola, who's amazingly expressive looks and body language are probably in large part responsible for the film's success. Even if you've never seen the film, you will probably recognize some of the images from it, which have become icons of classic international cinema.

Enzo has played in several films after this, but I haven't seen any of them. Check IMDb for his filmography: (You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)

A full gallery of excellent DVD caps is available at this page: (You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)
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