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Normal Topic Golf Punks (1998) (Read 2,485 times)
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Golf Punks (1998)
08. Sep 2002 at 10:42
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An attempt to revive the 'Bad News Bears' genre movie, only this time the group of recalcitrant kids are competing on the golf course.

I wasn't going to watch this, just thought I'd check it out but I ended up seeing it through to the end. A couple of the boys are cute enough, but the movie is basically one of those throwaway items without anything memorable or any particularly standout boy actor. Something to watch if you don't want to get into something heavy. It is supposed to be a comedy.

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Movie Rating 5/10
Boy movie rating 6/10
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Golf Punks (1998)
Reply #1 - 08. Sep 2002 at 21:02
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Thanks.  Kind of reminds me -- over here (USA), believe it or not, we have a cable GOLF channel (yawwwwnn) -- and they often air the juniors competition, which I will confess to tuning into (and taping) from time to time.  Videographers appear to enjoy focusing on boys squatting down to line up a putt...oh, never mind.
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