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Pete's Meteor (1998)
19. Mar 2003 at 16:46
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Pete's Meteor ( 1998 ) Ireland
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Ian Costello as 12-year-old Mickey

Gavin Dowdall and Natasha Corcoran as his younger brother and sister.

They are orphans, and live with their grandmother (Brenda Fricker).  A friend of their father (Mike Myers, in a serious role, and an Irish accent, if you can believe it) promised to look after them.  But he has problems with the criminal element himself, and can't do it.

Then ... a meteor lands in their back yard!  The littlest of the children is sure that their parents in Heaven sent it to them.  Because of the meteor, they meet a scientist from the University (Alfred Molina).  He falls in love with the kids, even though his head is in the clouds and he doesn't know much about everyday life.  Both Myers and Molina have girlfriends that come into the story, too.

Now available on DVD in the US.
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Re: Pete's Meteor
Reply #1 - 10. Aug 2004 at 14:35
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Just saw this movie. Quite an impressive story and good acting from a.o. Ian Costello and Gavin Dowdall. Mike Myers in a serious role is convincing as well.

The story is a bit disturbing which is strengthened by the environment in which the story is taking place: the outskirts of Dublin.


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