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Georgica (1998)
06. Jul 2003 at 16:30
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One of the neat things about film festivals, is that they often have retrospectives centered on a particular theme. Karlovy Vary is spotlighting the films of the Baltic states in this year's fest.
One of those movies is Georgica, a film from Estonia, a country which was once a part of the USSR. †Although this film has an IMDB listing, there doesn't appear to be too much information available about it. I will admit this film managed to fly under my radar, although it has played several festivals in the past, maybe someone else has seen it???

†An evacuated island becomes a firing range. Old Jakub is responsible for monitoring the accuracy of the attacks. The strange old man has pronounced himself pastor of a non-existent community; he dreams of his African missionary days and of translating Virgilís The Georgics into Swahili. One day a boy is placed under his care: back on the mainland he had attacked his mother with a knife. As Jakubís silent companion, he takes care of the horses, works the bellows of the organ, listens to African songs and observes the explosions from a destroyed church tower. He obstinately refuses, however, to answer his motherís telephone calls. One night the artillery fire flattens the ruins of the church and Jakub is killed. The boy sets out to sea in a small boat....

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Re: Georgica (1998)
Reply #1 - 12. Jun 2009 at 00:44
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What a flashback memory when seeing this older post.  Actually linked as a 'review' from the film in our database.

Had totally, absolutely forgotten about this movie.  It aired on television once many years ago, at least 8 or 10 years it seems.  If memory serves correctly it wasn't dubbed, but had sub-titles.

There are some terrific scenes in this film, and the story itself is very good.

Just looking around, and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.  Perhaps on vhs somewhere or other.
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