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Jack McMorris
02. May 2004 at 03:37
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At just five, Jack
is Scotland’s latest
movie star
SCOTLAND has a new silver screen star in the making — five-year-old Jack McMorris.

The East Kilbride youngster won a role in The Jacket — a Scottish-based film produced by George Clooney and starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Pirates Of The Caribbean beauty Keira Knightley.

But despite rubbing shoulders with some of Tinseltown’s biggest names, Jack says he doesn’t want to be an actor when he grows up, as he can’t stand all the waiting around they have to put up with!

Mum Amanda, who gave birth to Jack’s baby brother Matthew two weeks ago, said, “A few years ago my friend Rosalynd McLean set up Colours Model Management, a modelling agency based in Glasgow.
“She asked if I wanted to put a picture of Jack and his brother Andrew, 8, on their website as it might lead to some modelling work.

“I agreed and they’ve since done modelling shoots for Rangers and appeared in a TV advert for More Store.

“A few months ago the film’s production team spotted Jack’s photo on the website.

“They asked if we could send 10 different pictures of him and within a few weeks they’d contacted us to say they wanted him in the film.”

Filming took place in Broxburn at the end of February — and Jack didn’t suffer from stage fright.

“There were some other children there and they seemed to be quite daunted by all the lights and cameras, but Jack was fine,” Amanda said.

“When we arrived on set, we discovered Jack had been given his own trailer. His wee costume was waiting for him and he got to meet some of the stars of the film, including Keira Knightley.
“Jack plays the part of the main character in flashback scenes to when he was a young child.

The adult version of his character is played by Adrien Brody, who won the Best Actor Oscar last year for his role in The Pianist.

“When it was all over I asked Jack if he’d like to make more films but he said no, because he hated the waiting about.”

The only downside was that Jack had to take a day off school during filming. “School comes first,” she said. “But the teachers have been really supportive and everyone’s proud of him. Some of his classmates have been kidding him on saying they want his autograph.

“The money he got for it has been put into a bank account for him alongside what he’s earned from his modelling shoots.

He bought his brother a toy from the money he made from his first project.”

So what did Jack make of his first taste of a major movie set?

“When I got there I was allowed to look at the set,” he said. “After that I was taken to the trailer to get my hair fixed and pick up my clothes — I was in there for four hours.

“I saw Keira Knightley and Adrien Brody, but not George Clooney because he was on his way back to America.”

Rosalynd McLean said, “We were delighted when Jack was picked for the role. He has worked on a number of assignments and is always the ultimate professional.”

The Jacket, which is about a clairvoyant soldier wrongly imprisoned for murder in the 1970s, is due for release early next year

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Re: Jack McMorris
Reply #1 - 03. May 2004 at 01:36
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Hey, that was really interesting to read about, apple.  Thanks for telling us about young Jack.   Grin

I don't imagine I'd have liked a job at age 5 where I had to spend hours and hours waiting around for anything, either.  Well, not unless they let me bring my army men with me, so I could have wars in my trailer while the waiting was happening.  Smiley

Sir J
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