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Sticky Topic Movie Reviews Checklist (Read 19,560 times)
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Movie Reviews Checklist
04. Dec 2004 at 23:45
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This is a list of movies reviewed in this forum up to July 3, 2008.

The purpose of this list is so posters can check if a movie already has a thread. If there already is a thread, instead of creating a new thread, it is usually better to locate the existing thread and add any comments you wish to it.  The thread will then bump back to the top of the forum.

The best way to quickly locate individual threads, if you want to add any extra responses or even just to read, is to click on this link:

(You need to Login or Register to view media files and links)

..then click on the link and it will take you to the thread you are looking for.

+  means that a profile has not yet been created for the movie.

....First Do No Harm mbch
3 Rooms of Melancholia cal
4 Freunde und 4 Pfoten  zork
4:30 hosenhaus
5000 Fingers of Dr. T., The hosenhaus
800 Bullets cal

A.I. Artifical Intelligence YA
Abandoned zab
Abeltje hosenhaus
About A Boy Bijou
Acla huck
+Act Your Age nicolas
Addison's Wall hosenhaus
Adventures of Pinocchio, The joseph
After This Our Exile cal
Akademia pana Kleksa nicolas
Ali Zaoua hosenhaus
Alone in the Woods huck
+Along Came A Spider bohemian
Always Will hosenhaus
American Dreams bub
Amigomio joseph
Amities Particulieres, Les (This Special Friendship) brian
+Amy hosenhaus
Anche libero va bene (Along the Ridge) cal
Andre Valente joseph
Angel Doll, The andreas
Angel for May, An zab
Anibal nicolas
+Ararat  hosenhaus
Archangel hosenhaus
+Armin nicolas
Armiya Tryasoguzki nicolas
Atletico San Pancho soles
Au revoir les enfants mbch
Avalon wwaabbiitt
Avion, L' soles

Bad Education  sir J
Bad News Bears 2005 joseph
+Baheb El Cima (I Love Cinema) nicolas
+Bailey's Billions joseph
Ballo a tre passi soles
Barclay's Big Adventure devon
Bäst i Sverige zab
Bear Hug zork
Behind the Waterfall hosenhaus
+Betty Fisher et autres histoires hosenhaus
+Bez semeyna prilika nicolas
Big Brother Trouble cal
Billy Elliott andreas
Birth apple
Black and Blue andreas
Blechtrommel, Die joseph
Blöde Mütze soles
Blue Butterfly, The soles
+Boarder, The hosenhaus
Bobbie's Girl devon
Boîte magique, La (The Magic Box) zab
Bola, El soles
Bored Silly cal
+Boy David  Story, The apple
+Boy in the Making hosenhaus
Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan apple
Boys Will Be Boys huck
Brand Upon the Brain hosenhaus
Breakfast With Scot hosenhaus
Bridge to Terabithia gee
Broken Wings  joseph
+Bror Min hosenhaus
+Bumblebee Flies Anyway, The joseph
Burning Snail, The zab
Butcher Boy, The joseph
Butcher Boy, The mbch
Butterfly Effect, The gee
Bylo nás pet cal

Cactus Kid, The hosenhaus
Camp Nowhere soles
+Canary apple
Captain Ron devon
Captains Courageous gee
Careful He Might Hear You cal
Casa Con Vista Al Mar, Una zab
Casey's Shadow YA
Central Station joseph
Certi Bambini zab
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gee
Cheaper by the Dozen hosenhaus
Child and the Soldier, The zab
Children of Heaven YA
Children on Their Birthdays teddy
Choir, The 1995 soles
Choosing Matthias soles
Choristes, Les zab
+Chromophobia nicolas
Christmas Tree, The mike
Cicadas joseph
Circling zab
Cistern, The zab
City of Lost Children zork
Class Trip joseph
Clay Bird, The cal
Collateral Damage cal
Color of Paradise, The YA
Cool Dry Place, A cal
Cowboys, The YA
Crab Orchard apple
Cracked Eggs & Noodles hosenhaus
C.R.A.Z.Y. hosenhaus
C.R.A.Z.Y. apple
Crazy Love nicolas
+Cronicas hosenhaus
Cure, The andreas
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Re: Movie Reviews Checklist
Reply #1 - 25. Dec 2005 at 10:48
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Da-Yu: The Touch of Fate zork
+Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The joseph
Daniel and the Superdogs hosenhaus
Darkness gee  
Dear Frankie apple
+Death in Gaza zab
Delbaran zab
Dennis the Menace Christmas, A nicolas
Dennis the Menace Christmas, A hosenhaus
Desperation wildeboy
Deux imbeciles heureux hosenhaus
Devil's Backbone boy55
Devil's Backbone cal
Diables, Les gazza
Diables, Les zab
Dickie Roberts apple
Dickie Roberts  hosenhaus
Dokomademo ikô (Don't Look Back) soles
Don 1998 cal
Don 2006 soles
Don't Tell Papa hosenhaus
Dottie Gets Spanked hosenhaus
Down and Derby cal
+Dream Team hosenhaus
Dreamcatcher Teddy
Drømmen (We Shall Overcome) zab
+Druzhok nicolas
Duck Season hosenhaus
Duma joseph
Dumb Luck hosenhaus

Edges of the Lord cameron
Edges of the Lord cal
Educacion de las Hadas, La nicolas
+Elf hosenhaus
Embrujo, Un cal
Emil und die Detektive 2001 zab
Emma och Daniel - Mötet soles
En som Hodder zab
Enfance nue, L' nicolas
Enfant Sauvage, L' YA
Enfants, Les cal
Enfants, Les keegan
+Enfants de Timpelbach, Les nicolas
Eres mi heroe apple
Erik of het klein Insektenboek soles
Etre et avoir joseph  
Every Child is Special hosenhaus
+Exams At Any Odd Time (Izpiti po nikoe vreme) nicolas

+Facing The Truth cal
Fading Light cal
Fading Light zab
Fallen Idol, The cal
Fear of the Dark hosenhaus
+Fearless zork
+Fever Pitch hosenhaus
+Final Patient, The hosenhaus
Finding Neverland hosenhaus
+Fireflies in the Garden hosenhaus
First Three Lives of Stuart Hornsley hosenhaus
+Flemming og Kvik cal
Fliegende Klassenzimmer, Das soles
Flight of the Innocent, The joseph
Flower & Garnet joseph
Fluke elliott
Flyin' Ryan hosenhaus
+For Caroline hosenhaus
For The Love of Willadean cal
+Forever Blues nicolas
Forever Young Forever Free YA
+Forgotten, The gee
+Freaky Friday 2003 joseph
Fuerte Apache nicolas

Gabriel and Me teddy
George of the Jungle 2  hosenhaus
Georgica zab
Get Your Stuff hosenhaus
GhettoKids apple
Gift to Stalin, A nicolas
Ginostra  joseph
+Girl Next Door, The joseph
Go Toward The Light andreas
+God Forbid A Worse Thing Should Happen (Ne Dao Bog Veæeg Zla) nicolas
Godsend gee
Golden Eels zab
Golf Punks cal
Good Hands cal
+Good Witch, The hosenhaus
+Great Outdoors  devon
Great Water, The hosenhaus
Great Yokai War joseph
+Greatest Game Ever Played, The rembrandt
Gregory K andreas
Griezelbus, De soles
Gulliver's Travels  rembrandt  
Gummo youngboy

+Halloween 2007 gee
Handcuff King, The soles
Hände weg von Mississippi soles
Happiness  fritz  
+Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire del
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  cal  
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone mule
Hawaii Oslo cal
Heart is Deceitful Above all Things, The cal
Heart is Deceitful Above all Things, The mark
Hearts in Atlantis cal
+Heiden von Kummerow und ihre lustigen Streiche, Die nicolas
Herr Bello soles
Hidden Fortress  soles
High Summer Sky cal  
Hinokio zhizhi
Hollow Reed devon
+Hogo-fogo Homolka nicolas
Home Alone 4  gee  
Homerun  zab  
Hoodlum & Son  hosenhaus  
Hop  hosenhaus  
+House Arrest  devon  
+House of Sand and Fog hosenhaus
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Re: Movie Reviews Checklist
Reply #2 - 22. Jun 2008 at 15:54
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I Am David  zab
I Am David teddy
I Like It Like That nicolas
I Not Stupid Too hosenhaus
+Ice Cream I Scream nicolas
If... apple
Il était une fois un flic nicolas
I'm Not Scared  soles
Ima, ai ni ikimasu zork
+Immediate Boarding soles
In Orange soles
Innocent Voices cal
Innocents  del bosque
Innocents apple
Inside Out hosenhaus
Instant Dads nicolas
Interrogation of Michael Crowe  boydreamer
Invisible Children, The hosenhaus
+It Runs in the Family apple

Jack (2003) cal
Jack The Bear andreas
Jacquou le croquant cal
Jacquou le croquant nicolas
Jaime  soles
Jake's Closet nicolas
+Jesus Camp apple
Jet Boy hosenhaus
Jet Boy andreas
Joe the King joseph
John John in the Sky cal
Joshua gee
Joshua's Heart andreas
Julie Walking Home cal
Jumping Over Puddles Again nicolas
Jungle 2 Jungle youngboy
Just 4 Kicks gee
Just Ask My Children andreas

Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam, The hosenhaus
Kees de Jongen  soles
Khaled  soles  
Kicking and Screaming joseph
+Kid, The hosenhaus
Kid from Chaaba  joseph  
Kid From Left Field, The keegan
+Kiss of life  apple
Kolya joseph  
Kramer vs Kramer  boy55

Lackawanna Blues hosenhaus
Lamb andreas
Last Legion, The swede
+Last Sin Eater hosenhaus
+Last Stand At Saber River rem
Last Summer, The zab
Laurin hosenhaus
Le p'tit curieux cal
Legend of Bagger Vance, The hoby
Legend of Cryin' Ryan  soles  
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events  gee
Leo  hosenhaus
Leo  hosenhaus
Lepel zab
Let the Right One In joseph
+Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The hosenhaus
Life is a Long Quiet River hosenhaus
Lion Witch & Wardrobe apple
Lion Witch & Wardrobe apple
Lion Witch & Wardrobe andreas
Little Brother cal
Little Cheung  zork
Little Fugitive 2006 nicolas
Little Lord Fauntleroy 1980 andreas
Little Manhattan gee
Little Men  soles
Little Rascals  soles
Little Terrorist hosenhaus
Lives of the Saints, The nicolas
+Lonesome Jim joseph
+Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity hosenhaus
+Love Actually gee
Love Me if You Dare joseph
Love that Boy  joseph
Loverboy gee
Lovers of the Artic Circle elliott
Luminous Motion sir J

Mad Hot Ballroom apple
Madame Rosa joseph
Madison gee
Magic of Marciano, The hosenhaus
Magnifico zab
Magonia zab
Mail To The Chief andreas
Malabar Princess  cal
+Malev bohemian
Malunde  cal
Malunde  hosenhaus
Männer wie wir hosenhaus
Map of the Human Heart cal
+Marie Baie des Anges joseph
Mario's War (La Guerra di Mario) nicolas
Martian Child swede
Me and You and Everyone We Know apple
Mean Creek  joseph
Mein Name is Eugen soles
Mendel nicolas
+Messieurs les enfants nicolas
Michou d'Auber nicolas
Mickey hosenhaus
Midas Touch, The nicolas
Mighty, The apple
Millions apple
Millions joseph
Mind The Gap hosenhaus
Miracle of Bern apple  
+Mission Sir J
Mist, The joseph
+Mistons, Les apple
+Mo hosenhaus
Motel, The joseph
Mother of Mine zab
+MXP: Most XTreme Primate  hosenhaus
My Captain Mr. Underground hosenhaus
My Father's Glory cal
My Friend Henry zab
My Mother's Castle cal
My Teacher Mr. Kim cal
Mysterious Skin apple
Mysterious Skin mark
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Re: Movie Reviews Checklist
Reply #3 - 22. Jun 2008 at 19:19
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Naked Brothers Band mediajock
Nanacha hosenhaus
Nanny McPhee hosenhaus
+Naydi menya, Lyonya! nicolas
+Nesmluvená setkání nicolas
New Adventures of Pinocchio, The andreas
Night Watch hosenhaus
+Nightmares & Dreamscapes hosenhaus
Nina's Tragedies joseph
Nobody Knows  apple
Non aver paura nicolas
+Non è giusto soles
Noora zab
Northfork hosenhaus
+Notes From Mother joseph

Ogre, The joseph
Ohayo apple
+Oliver Twist 1922 gee
Oliver Twist 1997 andreas
Oliver Twist 2005 soles
Oliver Twist 2005 Quantum
Omen, The 2006 nicolas
Omen, The 2006 gee
On the Sunny Side zab  
Once Not Far From Home hosenhaus
Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide nicolas
+Only Boy For Me, The nicolas
Orphanage, The gatekeeper
Other, The sir J
Other Voices, Other Rooms  sir J
+Outsider, The hosenhaus  

PU-239 hosenhaus
Pacifier, The hosenhaus
+Page Turner, The josh
Papa keegan
Pather Panchali  cal
Paper Dove  cal
Paper Dove  hosenhaus
+Paperboy jasen
Paperboys joseph
Paradise andreas
Pedal Car, The cal
Pelican, Le hosenhaus
Pelicanman zab
Pelicanman zork
+Pepot Superstar nicolas
Percy Buffalo Bill and I joseph
+Perfect Game joseph
+Perfect Gooseys  hosenhaus
Perfect World, A devon  
Peter Pan  cal  
Peter Pan  ripley  
Please Don't Eat the Daisies  rembrandt
+Plumes dans la tête, Des nicolas
Pod Jezevci skalou cal
+Ponette joseph
Popi Sir J  
Power of One, The devon
Presence of Mind  YA  
President's Barber, The cal
Prince and the Pauper, The 2007 gee
Pups cal
Put the Camera on Me  hosenhaus  
Put the Camera on Me  apple
Pye Dog, The hosenhaus

Rahul zork
Rails & Tiesgatekeeper
+Raising Helen gee
Rebound hosenhaus
Reflecting Skin, The joseph
Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel 2 soles
Respiro  gazza  
Return, The teddy
Return, The andreas
+Return of Swamp Thing, The hosenhaus
+Ring 2, The   gee  
River, The andreas
+Road of Life nicolas
Road to Perdition hosenhaus
+Robinson Crusoe & the Tiger nicolas
Rocking Horse Winner YA
+Rois et reine joseph
+Rois et reine nicolas
Rounding First soles
+Run Fatboy Run hosenhaus
Running Scared apple
Running Scared gee
Ruudi bohemian
Ryan's Well cal  

S tebou mi bavi svit nicolas
Saint Ralph  joseph
Sandlot 2, The hosenhaus
Sanpeet (Poison) apple
+Sans un cri nicolas
School of Rock  apple
Schwabenkinder andreas
Search, The cal
Secondhand Lions  hosenhaus
Secrets of the Heart Andreas
Seeker: The Dark is Rising, The hosenhaus
Shadow on the Earth hosenhaus
Shattered Family andreas
Sixty Six nicolas
So Dear to my Heart Sir J  
Solino  cal
Song for a Raggy Boy swede
Sonjas Rückkehr cal
Sous sol (Not Me!) joseph
+Sovsem propashchiy cal
+Sparrows jasen
Spellbound apple
Spiderwick Chronicles, The swede
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring apple
Squid and the Whale, The joseph
Squid and the Whale apple
Storm Boy joseph
Story of the Weeping Camel apple
Strayed joseph
Strong as a Lion hosenhaus
+Surface MJ
Swimming Upstream
+Swiss Family Robinson 2007 nicolas
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Re: Movie Reviews Checklist
Reply #4 - 24. Jun 2008 at 05:02
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Talking To Heaven andreas
Taming Andrew jasen
+Taps apple
Tesseract, The joseph  
+Tetsujin-28 apple
Textiles, Les nicolas
+Thank You For Smoking gee
+Thanksgiving Reunion  hosenhaus
There Was No War in '72 joseph
There's Only One Jimmy Grimble mbch
Thief Lord, The apple
This Is England nicolas
Thousand Months, A apple  
Thunderbirds  apple  
Time for Drunken Horses soles
Time of the Wolf hosenhaus
Together apple  
+Tomorrow is another day  cal  
Toto le heros joseph
Touch of Spice, A zork
Treasures of the Snow hosenhaus
Tres zuretas, Os nicolas
+Trick 'r Treat nick
+Tu Solo cal
Turtles Can Fly cal  
Twelve and Holding joseph
Two Whole Stole the Moon, The apple

+UFO Kidnapped hosenhaus
+Ugly Betty hosenhaus
Ulloa Country Mansions, The hosenhaus
+Ultraviolet gee
+Unaccompanied Minors nicolas
Undertow apple
Unfair Competition cal
Unstrung Heroes devon

Vache et le President, La nicolas
Valentin apple
Valo zab
+Vanka vstanka nicolas
+Vecherniy zvon nicolas
Veronico Cruz hosenhaus
Very Serious Person, A hosenhaus
Viper in the Fist (Vipère au poing) hosenhaus
Vito and the Others huck
Viva Cuba YA
Vovochka cal
Vovochka drew

Wanted: Man zab
+War At Home hosenhaus
Water Horse, The nicolas
Way Home, The soles
Way I Spent the End of the World nicolas
Wendigo gee
When Children Play in the Sky nicolas
When I Got Jesus... with A Slingshot cal
Where Eskimos Live zab
Where Is The Friend's Home joseph
Where The Red Fern Grows YA
Whole New Thing cal
Wide Awake soles
Wild Tigers I Have Known cal
Wilden Kerle 2, Die hosenhaus
Wind Carpet, The zork
Winner Never Quits, A sir J
Witness, The 1992 bohemian
Wondrous Oblivion apple
Wondrous Oblivion apple
+Wooly Boys hosenhaus
World's Fastest Indian, The YA
Wrinkle in Time, A  cal

+Year of Getting to Know Us, The hosenhaus
Yoshino's Barber Shop zab
Young Love soles

+Zakhm cal
Zappa hosenhaus
Zathura apple
Zathura joseph
Zmory nicolas
Zurdo hosenhaus
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Re: Movie Reviews Checklist
Reply #5 - 23. Nov 2011 at 13:32
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A very useful list. Thanks. I counted 559 entries, 109 of which without a profile, so there is work to be done for anyone who feels the urge.  Wink

The list of review threads contains 908 entries with a number of duplicates, however, which still leaves 873 individual titles.
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