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Bailey's Billion$
04. Aug 2005 at 08:03
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Another dog movie.



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Bailey is the luckiest golden retriever in the world. It seems he's inherited a billion dollar fortune from his mistress, animal rights activist Constance Pennington. In addition to his unusual wealth, Bailey is also unique in that he can talk. The catch is that he can only speak to his timid keeper, the renowned animal behaviorist Ted Maxwell (Dean Cain). Ted has been named Bailey's guardian and manager of the dog's funds. The pair communicate in a language Ted calls "Doggish", and the puppy has much to teach his human companion. Soon, Bailey starts a job as CEO of the Animal Rights and Research Foundation (ARRF), which naturally leads to comic hijinks galore.

It’s not all simple for Bailey and his friend, though. Constance has a mean nephew named Caspar (Tim Curry), who along with his spiteful wife, Dolores (Jennifer Tilly) are running ARRF into ruin. Rather than using the foundation's funds for positive work, they have instead misappropriated those moneys to accommodate their insanely over-the-top lifestyle. Naturally, they're furious when they discover that Constance's fortune has gone to Bailey, so they hatch a plan to kidnap the dog, discredit Ted, and have the entire estate revert back to their clutches.

Bailey's Billion$ has received some extremely positive word-of-mouth, which has led to a wider-than-expected release pattern in regional theaters. If the buzz continues, it has a shot at being one of the bigger surprises of the summer season.


MUNRO CHAMBERS, who plays Sam’s new school friend, Max, is 13 years old. Born in Toronto, Munro and his family now live in Ajax, a small city on the outskirts of west Toronto. Munro, in Grade 8, is 13 years old, and has an identical twin, Thomas, who is two minutes older, and a little brother, Michael. Thomas acts, too, but he was taking a little break from the business. “We’re never competitive in roles,” says Munro. “We have different attitudes and personalities anyway,” he adds. “Thomas is serious and has a bit of a temper. I’m a little crazier and more laid back.”

Filmography, from IMDb:

# Bailey's Billion$ (2005)
# Godsend (2004) .... Max Shaw
# "A Wrinkle in Time" (2003) (mini) TV Series .... Sandy Murry
# Good Fences (2003) (TV) .... Billy
# "Little Men" (1998) TV Series .... Rob Bhaer


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Re: Bailey's Billion$
Reply #1 - 04. Aug 2005 at 08:21
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It's interesting to see yet another set of twins doing well.  I was disapointed that they didn't get more screen time in 'A Wrinkle in Time'...  their personalities shone through then, so I've been looking forward to seeing them in other movies.  I hope they do a couple more movies as twins but in the meantime, one twin at a time will still be worth a look.
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