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Sticky Topic Guidelines for actor profiles (Read 5,767 times)
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Guidelines for actor profiles
13. Dec 2005 at 00:56
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This will just be an info thread, or guideline for the database profiles. I'll keep adding extra info from time to time.


Actors Ages:
Actors must appear in an acting role in a movie or TV show before they reach the age of 15 to be eligible for inclusion on the Database.

Non speaking bit parts are not sufficient. Cartoon voiceovers are not sufficient. Appearances as a todler, infant or baby are also not sufficient in themselves.

A main picture is required. The picture must be good quality and clearly show the actor's face. The picture should also be of the actor when he was/is under 15 years old.

Guest Appearances:
With guest appearances on TV, we usually only include ones that are shown in English speaking countries. And usually they are from series that have a lot of boy content. The reason for this is there are thousands of TV shows worldwide with thousands of guest appearances each year. So we have to limit what we include on the database or we'd be working on it non stop... it's just too big a job to include guest appearances that most of us will never get a chance to see.
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