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jordan clarke
13. May 2006 at 04:01
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Jordan Clarke - Stage scholarship winner - Sylvia Young Theatre School -

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Jordan, age 11, lives in Margaretting, Essex and has already featured in several award-winning movies.

How did you get involved in showbusiness?

It was all a bit of a surprise, really. My mother (Sharon) was asked to pick up a friendís son from drama school. I went with her and the drama teacher suggested I join. He gave us the option of a free trial for a few weeks and I enjoyed it so much I stuck with it.

Are your family very supportive of your work?

I have three older sisters and they are all very supportive. My mother works at home and she is always helping me prepare for auditions. My room has been converted into what the family call JJís studio and we rehearse in there. My school has also been very good and let me go on auditions regularly.

What auditions have you been on recently?

I have been given a recall for Andrew Lloyd Webberís new production of The Sound of Music which is very exciting but the details are all top secret at the moment. I go on a lot of movie auditions and I really like working on a film set. I have done a few films already including a movie called Too Many Gods, which won awards at the Chicago Film Festival and a film for Unicef called All the Invisible Children.

What was your favorite film you worked on?

I really liked working on Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. I was a body double for one of the children and the director liked my work so much I also had a role as one of the Lost Boys. It was great fun filming at Pinewood and Shepperton.

Are you a fan of Mr Deppís work?

He is probably my favourite actor. I really admire him and the work he does. I am a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean.

What do you think you would do if you did carry on acting?

I really like acting and thanks to the scholarship at Sylvia Young I am looking forward to working in the industry. I really enjoy maths and English at school and most sports, especially football but I have enjoyed my time on set so much that if I didnít continue as an actor I would probably end up working behind the scenes as a director or something like that.

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