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EL CAMINO DE LA VIDA  (1956 Mexico)

U.S. video release title:  THE ROAD OF LIFE

El Camino de la Vida was released in English-speaking regions of The Road of Life. Filmed almost entirely on location, the story focuses in on three young boys who, arrested by the authorities, await sentencing in Mexico City's Juvenile Court. One boy has killed his stepfather to protect his mother; the second boy has been goaded into blinding his chief tormentor; and the third resorts to stealing to support his family. Since none of the protagonists is a "born criminal" (if there is such a thing), compassionate lawyer Enrique Lucero sets about to rehabilitate the trio so that they can re-enter society's mainstream.

In one scene, about 30 boys (age 7-12) undress after sleeping and take a shower.   While there are several repellantly brutal moments in El Camion de la Vida, there is also a surfeit of optimism and humor.

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