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Normal Topic Song for a Raggy Boy (Read 2,029 times)
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Song for a Raggy Boy
13. Apr 2008 at 08:25
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Okay, I realize that this is an old film now, and that almost everyone here has probably already seen it.  But I just saw it tonight, and balled my eyes out - in anger, in sadness and in joy.

An incredible movie.  If you haven't seen it, find it NOW!  It's on the short list of my all-time favorites... but I'm a sucker for movies that have great teachers teaching impossible kids... or exceptional kids... which aren't necessarily mutually exclusive!
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Re: Song for a Raggy Boy
Reply #1 - 02. May 2008 at 01:25
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Song For A Raggy Boy, imho, is a film for the centuries that well deserves comments anytime.  Thank you, Swede, for bringing renewed attention to this film.

Like you, I cried.  And I got angry at the brutal priest; I fully understand the teachers attack on that miserable priest.
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