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The Garden (2006)
26. May 2009 at 23:36
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The second movie I watched tonight was rather cheap in comparison to Terabithia.

This movie does not warrant a higher rating than a 5. Had not there been a boyactor in it with substantial screen time and a very solid performance, I would not even have awarded it with such a high rating. The storyline is markedly religious, so better have your bible ready. Looks like a rather cheap producation, only two or three moments with Adam Taylor Gordon are somewhat decent. He does a good job, is appealing and the only cause which made me watch through. The rest of the cast was doing okay, but even Lance Henriksen couldn't really put this movie above mere religious propaganda, which sometimes does serve as a good background story for entertaining movies. This time the transformation was not quite, but very close to being pathetic. The story itself would have allowed for a better and more interesting approach. The only positive thing is, as said before, a very good Adam Taylor Gordon.
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Re: The Garden (2006)
Reply #1 - 27. May 2009 at 10:40
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