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Normal Topic Not just 'Boy movies'! (Read 1,070 times)
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Not just 'Boy movies'!
25. Nov 2018 at 18:27
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I just wanted to point out something in response to a recent review (and also to one or two past reviews). So far as I know, this site does not make the claim that it is a database of 'boy movies'. Let me quote the homepage:

"BA is a database of movies starring boy actors, an image gallery and discussion forum." [my emphasis]

This means that any movie containing at least one boy actor is eligible for inclusion in the database - whether it's a 'boy movie' or not. At least that's how I've always interpreted it. And why not, indeed? Are we not interested when a favourite boy actor has even a minor role in a movie? And what harm can it conceivably do to add any interesting movie (with at least one boy actor) to the database? Would the database be improved if we went through it deleting hundreds of pages of movies (and TV series) that could not strictly be classed as 'boy movies'? I don't see how.

Just wanted to make that point. No offence to anyone.  Smiley
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